I just want to quietly take a light painting out of a Ampquot Ampquot cock fried days

is too beautiful,
though it is too dangerous,
there is always someone with dark eyes and night.
When rain god Jam Hsiao's song reminds me,
I can't help asking: why don't you sleep and stay up late? To this day,
I understand! According to reliable information: at a certain period of a day 12 p.
local time,
the famous red net Norwich.
Lois Liu,
Jxx children with a history of the most connected air crew in a nook take advantage of the dark night took a large group of light painting! It is no man to stop such a great event.
As a responsible editor,
it is time to step forward,
so today I will take the truth back to you (Yan Sulian).
Photographers are the best way to change the artist's image in a second.
The official statement is that using the camera's long exposure mode to shoot

56 months, the country's most beautiful 8 places, very few people have been to

er is the most beautiful time of the year.
Everything is full of vigor and vitality.
Once you go to these places,
you will be ready for other places.
What are you waiting for?! Shangri-La is located in Shangri-La County of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province,
200 kilometers away from Lijiang,
4-5 hours by car,
Shangri-La in Tibetan means the sun and moon in the heart,
because of its beautiful and holy is known as the land of idyllic beauty.
Shangri-La has sacred snow capped mountains,
deep canyons,
flying waterfalls,
peaceful lakes surrounded by forests,
flocks of cattle and sheep roaming the beautiful grasslands,
clear as the mirror sky,
magnificent temples.
This is the sacred land of religion and earthly paradise.
The scenic spots in Shangri-La are mainly concentr

The heart divides two halves, half sober, half drunk

is divided into two halves,
half awake and half drunk.
Half awake,
half done and understanding understood.
God is fair,
while giving you suffering,
while giving you happiness.
Life is like a play,
crying and laughing all by the people,
and set their own.
Life is like a dish,
with sweet and sour,
bitter; some things,
gently put down,
is not necessarily easy.
Some people,
deeply remember,
may not be happiness.
Some pain,
faint heart,
not necessarily experience.
Bumpy road,
to the side of a warm,
stormy life,
give yourself a smile.

[a] cloning site has been discovered online speculation people cheated millions...

of 2015,
Zhejiang police uncovered a cross-border telecommunications Internet fraud,
and destroyed two online telecommunications fraud dens in Kampuchea,
and arrested 168 suspects.
These suspects specially cloned stocks website,
the stock market will not experience new investors pull into the trap.
Cloning of the stock market specifically to lure new investors,
April 2015,
Zhejiang Shaoxing police received an alarm,
Ma said,
saw on the Internet,
fried disk stock can get high profits information.
According to the Shaoxing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment police Huang Jinbo introduced the first suspect to be a high imitation on the Internet,
posing as a regular securities company's website,
all of the content of the website are high imitation,

Humidifier kill count, home hidden injury, liver killer

the news of the Korean humidifier killed friends circle,
which allows home appliances hidden in the gun,
has been included in the blacklist.
take a look at the hidden liver damage weapon at home.
Television for young people,
watching television has been lagging behind the trend of the times.
But to stay at home for the elderly,
watching television has become the only way of boredom.
Watching TV for a long time,
excessive use of eyes,
the liver also has a certain impact.
As long as the liver injury,
liver blood,
and emotional catharsis,
eyes by sufficient blood.
Excessive use of the eye hurts liver blood.
For young people,
playing with mobile phones and tablets for a long time,
the liver is also a certain damage.
Mosquito coils now rise in temperature,
and mosquitoes are beginning to

Another explanation for the fall in the dollar

s year,
especially since the beginning of March,
a quarter of the strong dollar rising trend last year,
all the way down.
The ICE dollar index,
which has fallen by around 7.
5% from a new high in January this year,
is trading near 92.
50 lows,
approaching its 16 month low.
The US dollar index hit a two high in 100 times in 2015.
The reasons behind the recent decline in the dollar index vary among research institutes.
The Credit Suisse team led by Jalinoos Shahab of foreign exchange strategy,
the dollar's weakness lies in a rebound in oil prices,
and oil exporting countries followed by currency appreciation,
oil exporting countries of the currency appreciation is mainly caused by the depreciation of the dollar's killer.
The rise in the Canadian dollar and the Mexico Peso has a strong impact

[news] in 2016, non Shanghai students graduating from Shanghai University settled in Shanghai, standard 72 points, bid residence permit, household registration methods announced

of Education released this year in 2016 non Shanghai college graduates graduating from Shanghai employment applications,
Shanghai residence permit and residence permit approach,
and bid for the city's household registration approach.
In 2016,
the Shanghai Shanghai settled standard is divided into 72 points (this year's scoring methods will be announced separately),
and employers and bid applicants are required to meet a series of conditions.
Once found fraud,
depending on the seriousness of the case,
suspended until the cancellation of its eligibility,
and will be recorded in the integrity of dishonesty information recorded.
Have been cheated of the city's permanent residence permit and residence permit to be canceled.
The specific application details below: 7 points,
a notice of the